Date of Birth:
BW: 78 lbs. WW: 468 lbs.
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Sales Comments:
G22 is a virgin bull. He was pasture sired by McKellar Ten Speed 6105 or CoX Corona 5200 (DNA pending). Both are outstanding individuals in all aspects. The dam of CoX Corona 5200 - Blackcap 6E2 - has six sons on the roster at ABS Global including the number 1 $Beef sire, Rampage. Corona 5200 scalded his 50K profile to help place him in the top 1% for YW, CW, $Wean and $Beef as well as top 3% for WW, Milk and $Feedlot and 10% for CED, SC and $Grid. McKellar Ten Speed 6105 has production a WW in the top 25%, YW in the top 15%, and RADG in the top 10%. He also has excellent carcass characteristics - top 20% for MARB and RE and top 10% for Fat.