La Roca Range has been around since 2005 - starting as a small ranch and expanding to 10,000+ acres in three different locations.  After raising whitetail deer for years and using artificial insemination to improve upon genetics, the owners - Rick and Janice Beard - learned that having an outstanding female is important to having superior offspring.  The results of this can be seen on the 4000 acres where the main ranch is located.
Beginning with longhorns and Red Angus, Rick has tried several types of cattle to find the ones that fit best onto both the property and the environment.  Through this process, we have created a large Angus herd and use our registered Braunvieh in our recipient program.  Utilizing artificial insemination and embryo transfer has helped to bolster this program.
Wagyu have become the new focus of the ranch.  These animals have made an impression upon us with their quirky dispositions and their docility as well as their taste.  Being a part of the healthy meat industry in the United States and creating both fullbloods and F1s - as well as showing the consumer the benefit of knowing where your food comes from - is a big sense of pride for the ranch.  We have both polled and horned genetics to be a one stop shop for the many different tastes of consumers.
Along with cattle, the ranch produces around 6000-7000 bales of hay annually.  It is also a hunting operation for whitetail and exotics.  We are proud of the direction the ranch is heading and would love to visit with anyone who is passionate about any of these industries.  Our motto is "Leave a Good Set of Tracks" and we hope to do just that - one hoofprint at a time!

“Leave a Good Set of Tracks”