Full Blood Wagyu: These cattle are 100% Japanese Wagyu.

In 2021 we started selecting quality Wagyu fullblood and polled cattle genetics from proven seed stock herds. In May of 2021 we purchased the highest selling full blood Wagyu bull in the USA Bar R G60 at $95,000 and heterozygous polled Bar R G6 for $35,000. Both bulls are sired by Sanjiro 3, the number one marbling bull in the National Wagyu Sire Summary. These two outstanding bulls will see a lot of service in our fullblood and F1 herds. We also have purchased several cows: Bar G17 (USAPB45655), M6 Ms Arimura 933G ET (M6RPQ933G), M6 Ms Itomichi 885F ET (M6RFP885F), M6 Ranch Ms F154 Chisahime R088H (M6RFR088H), M6 Ranch Ms L10 Okutani R0136H (M6RFR0136H), to mention a few, which we feel are great foundations for our growing herd. We have attended many auctions, both in person and online, and have banked a number of quality embryos and semen straws. At present we have a herd of 150 registered Wagyu which make up our herd. 

Wagyu cattle: (Wa) meaning Japanese (gyu)  meaning cattle

These cattle have a lot of personality, most are very docile and easily moved or gathered. Their shape is odd compared to our traditional beef cattle but don’t let that “steer” you away from Wagyu. In Japan, Wagyu were work animals - pulling heavy loads short distances. They are constructed with large front shoulders and narrow rumps. The big myth of the Wagyu is that they have to be massaged and given alcohol daily. In Japan there is little area to raise their cattle. Wagyu are raised in smaller confined areas. The farmer in Japan would massage their cattle occasionally because of the lack of exercise and give them beer to stimulate their appetite. Unlike traditional beef cattle, Wagyu are slower to mature and require extreme patience to get them to a slaughter weight of 1400-1500lbs. Most full bloods go to slaughter at 28-32 months of age which means that they spend 400-500 days on feed. Keep in mind, perfection and quality take time - much like fine wine, aged whiskey and marbled Wagyu!


The Fat Facts of Wagyu:


Wagyu meaning: Wa (Japanese) + Gyu (Cattle) 

Wagyu has been compared to olive oil in its nutritional value of extremely high levels of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids.

Wagyu is considered to be the salmon of the pasture.

Studies show Wagyu compared to any other meat including chicken and fish have the lowest levels of cholesterol.

The melting point of Wagyu fat is 75-77 degrees and provides the meat with a rich buttery flavor.

The Wagyu experience:

A Wagyu steak sits raw resting on the butcher's block. While the fire warms the grill surface, butter and garlic melt together to be later basted on the now room temperature steak. The steak is placed on the grill, seared on all sides brushed with butter, garlic and rosemary cooked until your preferred temp (we recommended medium rare!) Then retrieved from the grill to rest for 10 minutes. You be the judge of the amazing taste that awaits you!