"We cannot say enough about Rick, Steve, Kari, and staff at La Roca Range. Several years ago we were looking to improve our genetics at our ranch. We went and met with Steve and Kari and were given a tour of their first class breeding facility. This is one of the best decisions we have ever made! We were blown away with the facility, the quality of animals, their knowledge of the animals, animal husbandry, and deer nutrition. We have purchased a variety of whitetails from La Roca including bred does, mature bucks, buck fawns, and doe fawns with outstanding results. The addition of their genetics have taken our ranch to another level that we did not ever dream was possible. Over the years we have built a great relationship with the folks at La Roca Range and we have started a breeding program of our own with their help. We have also started feeding Record Rack feeds on our ranch and in our breeding facilities after seeing the results at La Roca which has had a great impact to the overall health of our deer herd. If you are in the market, give La Roca Range a chance to meet your whitetail needs. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!" - Jeremy Ballew

“We feel very fortunate to have the relationship, support and advice that La Roca Range has given to our Whitetail Management & Ranches. Rick Beard has a program to model after and the role that Steve and Kari play is vital. They have been instrumental in our success with the care for our herd and the nutritional needs that we have. The proven results from Record Rack and supplements keep our animals healthy and their growth is amazing. I have enjoyed working around prestigious trophy whitetail operations for almost 30 years and now that I have my own, highly recommend the people, strong genetics, products and expertise that my friends at La Roca Range provide.” - Kurt Smith

"On a scale of one to ten, La Roca Range whitetails is a ten!  Rick Beard has top quality deer, top quality feed and a top quality facility.  Steve and Kari go above and beyond when it comes to growing beautiful and healthy deer.  I have purchased deer from them with 100% satisfaction." - Randy Riebe